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logEUJAPA The second issue of the official journal of EUFAPA - EUROPEAN JOURNAL OF ADAPTED PHYSICAL ACTIVITY has been published.
The second issue of European Journal of Adapted Physical Activity (EUJAPA) has been published ONLINE on the website of EUFAPA (
The second issue of EUJAPA is focused on Inclusion of Students with Disabilities into General Physical Education. As the topic of inclusion is vey wide the articles focus on different aspects of Inclusion. The first article by Aija Klavina (Latvia) focuses on the effect of peer-mediated and teacher - directed instructions on the activity engagement time of students with severe and multiple disabilities.  

The purpose of second study by Shayke Hutzker and Inbal Levi (Israel) was to validate an Israeli version of the Children's Attitude towards Inclusion in Physical Education (CAIPE) scale. Third articles comes from Anna K. Panagiotou, Christina Evaggelinou et al. (Geece) and its purpose was to examine the effect of the "Paralympic School Day" (PSD) program on the attitudes of 5th and 6th grade Greek students without disabilities. Last article by Martin Kudláček et al. (Czech Republic) focuses on the nature of work and roles of public school adapted physical educators in selected school districts in the United States with the aim to provide examples for practice and research in Europe and elsewhere. The issue aims to add to knowledge base on inclusion with emphasis to gain more information from European countries in line of suggestions from presentation of Kudláček at EUCAPA 2006 available with all EUCAPA 2006 proceedings on the webpage of European Federation of Adapted Physical Activity.

The second issue of EUJAPA follows the first special issue focused on the Self perception of persons with disabilities was prepared under the coordination of prof. Jose Pedro Ferreira with the support of EUJAPA editor prof. Yves Vanlandewijck.      

I would to take this opportunity to thank the technical editor Zuzana Hanelová, all authors and reviewers for continuing to build the NEW ERA of sharing scholarly work in the area of APA in the European context under the leadership of European Federation of Adapted Physical Activity. Thanks to the help of colleagues Maria Dinold and Julie Robardey we can also read the abstracts of articles in German and French.

Next issue will be published in spring 2008 and we hope that many of you will consider EUJAPA as your first choice to submit the original scientific work, reviews or viewpoints. You can find all relevant information and submission guidelines of the EUFAPA website ( in the section European Journal of APA.

Martin Kudláček (EUFAPA, president elect)