Call for EUCAPA 2010 bids Print

monoski_smallDear APA colleagues,
Time flies by very fast. I remember many of you playing bowling during EUCAPA 2006 in Olomouc or dancing flamengo during ISAPA 2007 in Rio Claro. I hope you all are aware of upcoming EUCAPA, which will take place in the city of Paralympics - TORINO (ITALY) from 9 to 11October, 2008.

I would like to remind you that deadline for abstracts is 30 April, 2008.  So, get your data ready and your spirit set for an exciting conference next fall! It is also time to begin the process of selecting a host for EUCAPA 2010. The board directors of the EUFAPA will start selection process for EUCAPA 2010 during its next meeting in December 2007. At this time, we seek the draft proposals from prospective bidders

Objectives of EUCAPA
EUFAPA aims promotion and dissemination of research in adapted physical activity and sport science, and practical application of APA services to benefit individuals with disabilities across the lifespan.
The various fields of professional practice in APA include education, adaptation, inclusion, coaching, leisure, recreation, and rehabilitation. The objectives of each EUCAPA, while locally determined, must reflect the mission of EUFAPA.

A European Congress of Adapted Physical Activity (EUCAPA) is an excellent vehicle to raise local awareness, to provide an outstanding setting for local professionals to interact with world leaders in
adapted physical activity, and to allow the hosting region or country to make an international contribution to adapted physical activity.

Suggested format of the conference includes two parallel sessions (maximum), preferably 3 days event in ONE ROOM. The conference language must be English, considering possibility to create parallel sessions in native language to attract APA professionals with limited ENG language skills.

Please prepare your proposal in accordance with the enclosed document ,,Guidelines for hosting a European Congress of Adapted Physical Activity (EUCAPA)", which was approved by EUFAPA board of directors on December, 18th, 2006. Please, send the proposals electronically to EUFAPA secretary Aija Klavina ( This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it ) by December 5th, 2007.

HAVE A NICE FALL! SINCERELY Martin Kudlacek (EUFAPA president elect) 16.10.2007