Invitation to IFAPA Print

handbikeAdapted physical activity (APA) entails professional service provision and a field of study and research directed toward modifying activities and increasing participation opportunities of persons with individual differences that otherwise restrict their goal accomplishment in: (a) Physical education; (b) recreational physical activities including adventurous activities and dance; (c) competitive sports, and (d) exercise for health and rehabilitation.


As the President of the International Federation of Adapted Physical Activity (IFAPA) I am delighted and honored to invite you, experts, scholars and students from all European countries to contribute to this growing field of expertise in several tracks that will be facilitated though EUFAPA website, including but not limited to (a) joining the research and study databases, (b) presenting and sharing their own work with the public, and (c) discuss works of others.

(Yeshayahu Shayke Hutzler, President of IFAPA, 17.10.2007)